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I am you

September 21st
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10:27 am

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September 18th
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Mel Bochner

September 18th
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"asphalt jungle" by ellen von unwerth for french glamour oct ‘89.

September 17th
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Pollen grains of Oenothera biennis mounted in glycerin jelly with methyl green stain (50x)
John E. Turner
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Technique: Darkfield

September 16th
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5:08 pm

jonathan lennard for the face, july 1985

September 16th
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September 7th
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10:36 pm

czech is gr8 i am gr8 ppl r gr8 life is gr8 school is gr8 music is awesome <3

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August 29th
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August 29th
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3:05 am

this is prolly the most exciting day in my life

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August 25th
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